Airways #1

paul hanford, presenter of AirwavesPaul Hanford
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First flight of Paul Hanford on BLN.FM. First from his base in London, to his frequent travels to Berlin, DJ and writer Paul Hanford plays the musical soundtrack of his journeys between London and Berlin. This show is like a sonic Ryan Air between London and Berlin – except with better service, and he won’t charge you for extra baggage. Expect a journey through the underground and exotic, Paul says “I’m into making connections with new leftfield music, between bedroom producers, the dancefloor and all the strange and exotic gaps between”


  1. Bicep – Glue
  2. Moscoman – A Saint And A Sinner
  3. Cristobal And The Sea – Gota Flokk
  4. Psycho & Plastic – Planet Seductron
  5. Bryte & Gafacci – I Like Your Girlfriend
  6. Yama Warashi – Moon Egg
  7. Molly Nilsson – Mona-Lisa Smile
  8. Hauschka – Constant Growth
  9. Four Tet – SW9 9SL
  10. I Hate Models – Sorrows Of The Moon


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