Not Your Girlfriend 039 with Hunnid Jaws

Not Your Girlfriend radio on BLN.FM – every Friday night from 9. Bringing you all the tunes. This week we go experimental with tracks from Fly High Societys Tehbis, Iglooghost, Death Grips, Gunkst, Anton F (I can’t get enough of this producer right now!), Galvanix x ONE4ALL, Sam Gellaitry x CRNKN, Holly Herndon, Wen, Mike G and many more as well as a guest mix from Brooklyn born, Berlin based DJ Hunnid Jaws.

Come hang out <3


  1. Tehbis – Jupiter
  2. Nebula Music Group – WHO RU
  3. Wen – Ghost
  4. Iglooghost ft Mr Yote – Mametchi / Ushoachi
  5. Death Grips – Say Hey Kid
  6. Sam Gellaitry x CRNKN – Waiting So Long
  7. Galvanix x ONE4ALL – Poured Up
  8. Holly Herndon – Expand
  9. GUNKST – 666GOD
  10. ???? – Villian
  11. ???? – Closer
  12. 20minutestomix – Hunnid Jaws
  13. Mike G – Hammerhead
  14. Anton F – Bad Influence

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