Not Your Girlfriend 036 with Misc. Friend

Not Your Girlfriend radio is back this Friday from 9 CET with a huggee line up of artists, of course, Including tracks from Deeb, Lao, Flako, Coleco Daktyl, Mac Magnum SWVZY and lmaabs as well as a live set guestmix coming all the way outta Canada from Misc. Friend, an artist we have our eye on.

Join us!


  1. Stooki Sound x Hekmah – Pink Slip $
  2. Lao – Talisman VIP
  3. Josh Pan – The King
  4. SWVZY – Lifted
  5. Thelem – Drones (Coleco Ruined It Rmx)
  6. Flako – The Shape of Things to Come
  7. Terrorhythmn – Ferris Bueller
  8. Daktyl – Smoke
  9. Future – Never Gon lots
  10. KRNE – Aryah
  11. Lmaabs – Densidad – Cero (Lao Rmx)
  12. Magnum Mac – Shake
  13. 20minutestomix – Misc. Friend
  14. Deeb – Closing My Eyes to Remember Your Face

(Photo: Fauxlie)

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