Berlin Soul – Serendipity Show


Berlin Soul is Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Skrufffs weekly hour-long radio show which showcases cutting-edge Berlin style house and techno tracks alongside classics and rarities from the vaults of electronic music.

Larry Cadge, Alex Smoke, Johannes Brecht and Goldfinch deliver the musical surprises and Barry White and Trentemøller the classics on this week’s Berlin Soul which explores the concept of Serendipity (defined as ‘luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for’). Tunes you can believe in!



  1.  Johannes Brecht – Fêtes / Poker Flat
  2. goldfinch – Migration / Decks Records
  3. jozif – Soonar (Eric Volta Digs You A Deeper Grave mix) / Culprit
  4. Alex Smoke – Pax / Optimo Trax
  5. Trentemøller – Always something better (trentemoller remix) / Poker Flat
  6. Doubting Thomas – Anpe / Amam
  7. Hackman – Grass Green (Orthographically Historialized by Timo Maas) / Halocyan Records
  8. Ki Creighton & Makanan – In The Rain (Instrumental) / Under No Illusion Recording
  9. Larry Cadge  Serendipity (Gunnar Stiller Remix) / Upon You
  10. Barry White – Let The Music Play / 20th Century
  11. Cony – Vocoder (Ken Ishii Dub Mix)/ EPM Music
  12. Joop Junior – Famous in Amsterdam (Rotterdam Egbert Remix) / Sci+Tec
  13. Michael Kruck – Firecell (Original Mix) / MOD
  14. LA-4A – Invader (Alden Tyrell remix) / Delft

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