Berlin Soul – Resistance Show

fidelity kastrow sisyphon
Berlin Soul is the new title of Germany Calling, Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Skrufff’s weekly hour-long radio show which showcases cutting-edge Berlin style house and techno tracks alongside classics and rarities from the vaults of electronic music.

Gregor Tresher, Marco Bailey, Carlo Lio and Andhim prove that Resistance ISN’T futile on this week’s Berlin Soul, fighting the power sonically with brand new Berlin tested dancefloor bombs. Gina X and Laibach bring up the rear for another hour of underground, alternative, top quality Berlin dance music; tunes you can believe in!


  1. Andhim – Domplatte / Get Physical
  2. Adrian – Rosebud Bitterdose (That Kindimmer Remix) /
  3. AFFKT – Txuribeltz (Darlyn Vlys Remix) / Kling Klong
  4. Jimmy Be – Beneath These Lies (Ramon Tapia Remix) /
  5. Laibach – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE (Remixed by Function) / Mute
  6. Youandewan – Fool Be Cool (Marquis Hawkes Remix) / Aus Music
  7. KONPLOTT – No Man’s Land /
  8. Carlo Lio – No Turning Back / MOOD music
  9. Egopool – At Nait  (Thomas Schumacher Remix) / Subdimension
  10. Gina X – GDM / Crystal Records
  11. Gregor Tresher – Disturber / Break New Soil
  12. Cowboy Rhythmbox – Rattle / Phantasy Sound
  13. KVX900  – The Glitch / Karlovak
  14. Maxime Dangles – BBA / Break New Soil
  15. Rekord 61 – Sverh (Radio Slave F.Y.M Remix 3) / Konstruktiv
  16. Marco Bailey – Black Cave / MBR
  17. Secluded – Delusional (Lewis Fautzi Remix) / Soma

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