Airways January 2018

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Playing the haziest, most hypnotic selection of after hours international sounds, London DJ and writer Paul is your pilot as he guides you through electronic turbulance and leads a landing in a secret airport. Expect a journey through the underground and exotic. Paul says “I’m into making connections with new leftfield music, between bedroom producers, the dancefloor and all the strange and exotic gaps between”



  1. Laurel Halo – Dr Echt
  2. Hysteric  – Satellite
  3. Gel Set – Phantom’s Ring
  4. Benedict Frey – Soleil Toujours
  5. Red Axes – Kalacol
  6. Uncanny Valley – Chain Store
  7. Eva Geist – Begum
  8. Nicolas Jaar – A Coin In Nine Hands
  9. Coucou Chloe – Flip U
  10. Moon Duo – Jukebox Babe
  11. Culture Clash – Sultan Groove
  12. Demitry Distant – Tuksums


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