Berlin Soul – The Entropy Show


Berlin Soul is the new title of Germany Calling, Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Skrufff’s weekly hour-long radio show which showcases cutting-edge Berlin style house and techno tracks alongside classics and rarities from the vaults of electronic music. Berlin Soul explores the art of falling apart (or ‘lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder’) on the Entropy Show this week, with killer new club cuts from the likes of Mutism, Glacial, Lee Van Dowski and Harry Romero. 80s icons the Cure and the Associates deliver the destruction and darker stuff.



  1. Mutism feat Giorgia Angiuli  – Echo Cave  / Faceless Recordings
  2. Mutism feat Giorgia Angiuli – Echo Cave (Raw District Remix) / Faceless Recordings
  3. Louis Proud – So Many Promises (Nathan Barato Remix) / Circus Recordings
  4. Glacial – Entropy / Six D.o.g.s Records
  5. Glacial – Stoya / Six D.o.g.s Records
  6. Youandewan – Fool Be Cool (Marquis Hawkes Remix)/ Aus Music
  7. The Cure – Faith / Polydor
  8. Joran Van Pol – Strayed / Rejected
  9. Julien Aubert – Blind / Creaked Records
  10. Paul Ritch – Pulse (Ron Costa Remix) /     Sci&Tec
  11. HARRY ROMERO – ANAFOGUE / Saved Records
  12. The Associates – The Rhythm Divine / Mercury
  13. Lee Van Dowski – Lee’s mobile / Mobilee
  14. Auden – Lock In / Hotflush
  15. HD Substance – Spanglers Spring / Fanzine
  16. KVX900  – The Glitch / Karlovak

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