Magnetic Man – Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man - Magnetic ManHinter Magnetic Man verbergen sich die Dubstep-Größen Skream, Benga und Artwork, die sich vorgenommen haben, aus den verschiedenen Unterformen von Bass-Musik einen massenkompatiblen Pop-Entwurf zu fertigen. Vorbei die Zeiten, in denen die verwendeten Elemente in den rauen, meist instrumentalen Tracks an einer Hand abgezählt werden konnten. Magnetic Man fertigt dicken, überwältigenden Klangbrei mit auschweifenden Keyboard-Melodiebögen im Strophe-Refrain-Schema. Drauf kommt noch lieblicher Gesang von Katy B. und anderen Gästen wie dem Nu-Souler John Legend. Resultat ist ein Sorte Trance-Pop, die auf einem verschachtelten Rhythmus-Gerüst basiert und auf die dramaturgisch reizvollen Bassverzerrungen zurückgreift, wie sie Dubstep-Produzenten zur Perfektion getrieben haben. Deshalb hinterläßt der fett produzierte Flirt mit Großraum-Diskotheken und Mainstream-Pop künstlerisch einen zwiespältigen Eindruck: Einige der kitschigen Tracks berühren peinlich mit ihren Rückgriffen auf das etablierte Klangrepertoire, mit dem Eurodance-Produzenten in den 90ern das Publikum manipulierten. Zwischendrin eingestreut sind dann aber auch mehrere perkussive, erstaunlich experimentelle Tracks, wie sie sich sonst auf Veröffentlichungen für Insider finden. Mag das Album mit seinem Rückgriff auf Pop-Formeln für Genre-Puristen grenzwertig sein, dürfte es für viele erst die Hochglanz-Eintrittskarte in das Universum fortgeschrittener Bassmusik sein. Die Mission heiligt die Mittel – und irgendwie gewinnen alle dabei.




  1. Sun
  2. Fire
  3. I Need Air
  4. Anthem
  5. The Bug
  6. Ping Pong
  7. Perfect Stranger
  8. Mad
  9. Boiling Water
  10. K Dance
  11. Crossover
  13. Karma Crazy
  14. Going Nowhere

(Columbia / Sony Music)

Eine Antwort zu „Magnetic Man – Magnetic Man

  1. some people asked me what i see in this album and this project – this release and the audience they have ( very young kids ) reminds me a little of glam rock 1971 – 1972 ,especially trex bowie and roxy music . these bands had a phenomenal following of early and mid teens kiddies ( myself included, i was 14 in 1971 ), which is what made their success for them, and for sure they had immense criticism from anyone who was older, for what ever reasons. this included leading figures in the music press, tv radio and hordes of „older“ music fans whose heyday was in the previous and just ended decade . sound familiar ? i think becasue all the members in MM and especially the singers ( katie b is 20 ) are so young they may evolve a popular/cultural development with this on a scale that hasnt happened for a long time. definatly a change factor, and in a way i think taking 90s and 00s dance music to a new younger bigger audience in the same way trex did with rock after being john peels favorites for 10s of thousands of 60s underground rock fans for several years, to becoming the pop idols of millions of kids and catalysing a major change of direction in youth culture. no trex, no david bowie who although he was already very popular, it was in the glam slipstream created by marc bolan that bowie was able to do his real thing and as boy george pointed out, after bowie, every boy and girl of the following generations were able to be who they wanted to be , with whoever they wanted to, in an atmosphere of tolerance and openess that was hitherto unheard of .and i guess we dont have to say too much about how roxy music changed the equation for ever. i percieve in magnetic man the glimpse of a potential that they may evolve contemporary dance music culture in a direction that allows new possibilities to occur that are maybe being stifled by history and tradition in dance, and an ageing public who revolve around that tradition and history … maybe .. thats no dis of us older folks, its just a feeling i get when i listen to them ( magnetic man )and for sure i dont know what those possibilities and new directions may be, but im excited about the possibility of a generation of younger peolple evolving that for all of us. whereas i hear from many of my contemporaries in the dance and music scene, how little patience they have for younger audiences these days ( which i find in itself unbelievable somehow – were talking about youth culture here !- wtf ? how old were you the first time a piece of music rocked your world and became your soundtrack to a new way of life? ) what i like about this act is how young their audience is . i remember being that age and having old hippies tell me that what i was listening to was to commercial – they were right by the way, but they percieved it as a bad thing and it wasnt , it was very neccecerry to give the then stagnating hierarchical music scene a much needed shake up. … i guess thats what these kids feel about anyone who isnt feeling it like they do and is more than 3 or 4 years older than them and i wish them all the best years of their lives thus far with this, as i remember how important those days were for me and how they contributed to my getting out of the box i was being prepared for and finding my own way …i think thats part of why i like them so much, apart from the fact that i personnally find their music to be simply excellent in every respect. as is often said, its all good and its another step in a very long and if we are lucky, never ending story . bring it on !!

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